About Us

Our Company

Tudor V. Perera & Company is a firm of practicing Chartered Accountants, situated at No. 103 1/3, De Mel Building, Chatham Street, Colombo 01.

The Company was founded by the late Mr. Tudor V. Perera (the first Ceylonese Municipal Treasurer in Kandy & Colombo in his time) on his retirement on 01st August 1946. After his demise on 24th December 1954 the firm was taken over by Mr. Cedric T. de Silva, Chartered Accountant on 01st February 1955 and was the Precedent Partner for 50 years until his retirement in 2005. The Company is now 68 years in excess and when founded in 1946, were among the first few practicing chartered accountancy firms in Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

To express Trust,Value & Progress in everything we do.

Our Vision

To become the leading Sri Lankan partnership, providing Audit & Assurance, Taxation & Other advisory services to the nation's business to reach their true potential.

Core Values

  • 1. We will assist you - A strong and collaborative working relationship with you in ensuring the sustainability of the project is our main priority.

  • 2. We use qualified people - Our team comprise of professionally qualified personnel who is vastly experienced in the field of auditing/accountancy/taxation and consultancy.

  • 3. We measure against agreed criteria - We will not make up the rules. We will perform the duties against performance standards that are already in place and accepted.

  • 4. We will only use facts to form conclusions - Our conclusions are drawn from the data that we collect during our verifications. Facts can be good or bad but no judgment or opinion will mark them.